AireShare™ 3 Speed Room-to-Room Fan Model AS2

Tjernlund Products Retail

  • $ 38999

Make hot or cold rooms more comfortable!
Tjernlund’s AireShare™ fans move air either Room-to-Room or Level-to-Level to rooms that are too hot or cold. Quiet and low-profile, the AireShare™ is perfect for space heater, wood stoves, fireplaces, and split systems applications.

Move air Room-to-Room. The blower and diffuser can be mounted either high or low on the wall. Pull cool air from floor level or warm air from ceiling level and distribute the air high or low. Set at any of 3 speeds permanently at installation or add the AS2SW3 switch to be able to adjust the speeds as needed. 80-110 CFM, 16-30 Watts.

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