Hot Shot 330 Fireplace Blower

Hot Shot 330 Fireplace Blower

Tjernlund Products Retail

  • $ 14999

With its PowerWedge™ design this professional grade blower will give your fireplace the extra flow it needs to heat quickly and cover larger spaces such as living rooms, great rooms, etc. Sturdy Galvanized Steel Frame. Includes vibration isolating pads for easy, secure installation. Wedge angle optimized for maximum performance. Sheet metal work and assembly done in the USA!

Everything is pre-wired and ready to plug in, so just slide the unit toward the back of your fireplace, plug the cord into the speed control, and plug the control into your outlet! Truly a 2 minute install! Use it to push heat away from your fireplace or stove and to where it can be enjoyed! 

The unit is 15.25 inches wide, 3.75 inches tall and 5 inches deep, 330 CFM with Adjustable temperature activation switch, speed control and power cord. 



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