Cyclone Register Booster Series

Tjernlund Products Retail

  • $ 5995

Simply drop into your 4"x10" register and plug in. The unit can be operated manually or based on temperature. In winter, when the room gets too cold the unit will come on to draw more furnace heat to that room. In summer, when the room gets too hot the unit will come on to draw more air conditioning to that room.

Work with 3x10 and 4x10 Registers.It Installs flush with floor in seconds in any 3"x10" or 4"x10" register boot opening. The Cycle Register Booster operates manually or automatically for any season with a built-in, hidden sensor. The Fan includes a  Built-in 45 degree turning vanes guide air to the center of the room. The Fan also inlcudes 20 Watt Low Energy Cross Flow Blower means its whisper quiet--no annoying buzzing like other fans.




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